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I tried something different this time with this post. I reached out to my twitter fam and asked if there was any specific topic they wanted me to blog about. The first response I got was; PRIDE. When I read that tweet, I instantly thought, "man, this should be interesting because I really don't struggle with pride and it's very rare that I talk about it. But, it was asked of me goes nothing."

A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you're looking down, you can't see something that's above you.

C.S. Lewis

No one ever choked to death swallowing their own pride.


Pride comes before the fall.


Pride will have a fall. For pride goeth before and shame cometh after.


These are just a couple of quotes along with some proverbs that describe pride. However, all of them have a negative connotation. Pride coming from a positive perspective can say, "I am serious about what I do. My work is a reflection of my passion. Mediocrity is not an option." So, is it good to have pride. Absolutely! It's always good to have something, but not too much of it! Too much pride is the equivalent to arrogance or conceit. There have been times where I've been called arrogant, cocky, and prideful. I must admit, it did make make take a deep look at self in order to attempt to understand this labeling. So I did things like asked the opinions of those whom I valued, who i knew would keep it 100 with me. At the end of the day, there is a possibility that it's not you!

Your insecurities + My Confidence = My "Arrogance"

If there's someone who is battling with with themselves regarding their personality, image, abilities and the like; it's easy to pass those insecurities of oneself as another person's arrogance. So, if you are the one with the bubbly personality and you are influential, FILL THAT PERSON'S BUCKET! POUR INTO THEM! PULL THE BEST OUT OF THEM!

But I'm no psychiatrist, I'm just sharing my view on pride. What's yours?

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