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Worry About Your Celfie!


Not sure where I got this from or where it even came from. LOL, Also not sure why I spelled 'Celfie' with a 'C' instead of an 'S'. *shrugs*

Nonetheless, social media and our timelines are filled with celfies (Yes, I'm going to keep spelling it with a 'C'. haha!) The craze took the interwebs by storm. So much so, there was a contraption created to make it all the more easier to take a celfie called the 'Celfie Stick'! Ok. I have to admit, I actually bought one. I ONLY bought it for my vacation to Cancun back in august. Here are a few pieces of work with the Celfie Stick. These are some great pics of Veronica and I! We also had a super time, but that's neither here nor there.

Absolutely, I'm guilty of taking a celfie here and another there. I always laugh quietly to myself when I come across someone's IG page that's filled with celfies. Another type of post I love to see is the celfie that has a caption or even scripture that has absolutely, positively NOTHING to do with the fact that this is just another celfie. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! The point of this post is to point out the fact that celfies are just about one thing; CELF. We live in a culture that obsessed with celf. What's in it for me? It's all about me.