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The Attention We Get

I just left Target because I had to pick up some medicine for Riley. If you notice the celfie to the left I took while I was in the car headed home, this is what I wore. Now, unless you're completely NOT thinking before you go out to Target; you should know NOT to wear a red top at least. You're definitely asking for it if you put on a red top and khaki bottoms.

Well, I was asked SO many questions from price checks to where items were located. At first, it was a bit annoying, but if you know me...I'll find comic relief in just about anything. It only became funny because I ACTUALLY STARTED TO HELP PEOPLE! LOL, They'd ask me where things were and I'd not only tell them, but I'd escort them to where its located. (I know...I play entirely too much. LOL)

The point of this post though is to get people to begin putting more thought and emphasis on their appearance. Particular appearance attracts particular attention. I hear, both men and women, say things like "These little boys always trying to holla at me?" (Women) or "I'm tired of people not taking me seriously. I'm a business man. I'm a professional." (Men)

The question I have is, "Does your appearance match how you want people to respond to you?" Now, this is not the case 100% of the time, however i do believe it is the majority of the time. Ladies, perhaps its time to evaluate what clothes you have in your closet because they may be attracting a certain type of man in your direction. Stop exposing all of your beauty when you go out in public. No, you don't deserve to be groped, cat called, or tugged upon. All I'm saying is, that stuff doesn't happen to women who dress classy. Gents, if you want to be taken seriously and looked at as a professsional/businessman, hire me as your stylist! (I know that was a shameless plug for my Men's Stylist & Fashion Consultant business, but if you need need it. ) Stop saggin your pants and wearing clothes 2 sizes bigger than what they should be.

There wasn't any ill intent from those customers, but they were drawn to me by my red fleece and I had to deal with their actions/reactions.

Particular appearances attract particular attention. Be intentional.

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