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Why Coach K is a Level 5 Leader

The last couple months in the sports world haven't been the greatest. About a week ago, I tweeted; "There's more DRAMA in sports news than there is SPORTS in sports news." In about the last month or so, there have been a turn of events. The NFL is just about half way through the season with the Packers on top of their game along with the SUPER SUPRISING San Francisco 49ers killing the game right now as well. Eagles are falling apart and Jets' QB Sanchez is in conversations about getting rid of him. On another note, college basketball got underway with the midnight games the other day. This is exciting news compared to the foolishness going on with the NBA right about now. Sidebar: I wonder what those persons who were drafted are doing now/thinking?

The bigger news in sports is Coach K celebrating his 903 win last night over Michigan State Spartans. With this win, he has surpassed coaches like Adolf Rupp, Dean Smith, Jim Boeheim, Jim Calhoun, and the latest hump he had to get over was that of Bob Knight. It was a monumental moment to celebrate as many of his former players were in attendance, past coaching staff, family, friends, and loved ones.

Since I'm in school, I'm not doing too much leisure reading at the moment. My main leisure reading comes from some quick reads like blogs and articles, however, I am reading through Jim Collins', "Good To Great". I knew this book existed for quite a while, but don't ask me why I'm just picking it up. Reading the book and hearing Coach K's remarks last night made me think of how Collins described the different level leaders (Levels 1-5). The way Collins described the leaders in his book, Coach K would fall into the Level 5 Leader Category. I'd have to write a couple blogs to thoroughly express what a Level 5 Leader is, but I will highlight 2 specific things Coach K exemplified during his remarks that exemplify him being a Level 5 Leader.

1. A Level 5 Leader looks through the window vs looking in the mirror.

As Coach K was being interviewed directly after the win over Michigan State, he IMMEDIATELY gave credit to the team, coaching staff, other coaches who have poured into him, and his school. Not once did he glorify his coaching abilities or his strategies that got him his 903rd win. Level 5 Leaders look through the window (affirming those around them) vs Looking in the mirror (affirming themselves).

2. A Level 5 Leader gets the right people on the bus and in the right seats.

The Duke University basketball program is known for recruiting some of the BEST basketball players; Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, Shane Battier, Jason Williams just to name a few. He also made sure he had the right coaching staff surround him and guiding the players (right people). He recruits and hires based upon the need of the program not just because (right seats). Needless to say, Coach K is the one driving the bus having the destination in mind.

I love listening to the people who are successful as well as their process and story leading up to their success. Then I love to see how I can apply the principles to my personal and/or professional life.

Congrats Coach K on Win 903!

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