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Time To Switch Gears!

I couldn't help but to take a look at my gear shaft the other day while stopping at a light. I noticed the different gears; Park...Reverse...Drive...D3...2...1. I began to think; "How many times have I used the other gears D3...2...1?"

I never want to take anything for granted and assume you know what D3, 2, and 1 mean so D3 allows the transmission to go through the cycle of gears (up to 4-5 speeds), D3 works just like the first one except the transmission will stop shifting up once it reaches 3rd. The is used best when operating at speeds consistently under 40mph and/or going up a series of hills and 1 simply keeps the car in 1st gear. This is good to use while driving in inclement weather.

Now you've gotten your quick tutorial, let's get into it. Andy Stanley once said, "Stages of life dictate the pace of life." I love that quote because it is RIDICULOUSLY rich! In other words, whatever stage of life we're in (teenager/young adult/senior citizen, single/married, kids/no kids, student/young professional, sick/healthy, financially stable/broke, etc) is going to determine how fast we move. I take a look at my life prior to getting married. I didn't really have to think twice about making a purchase. Now, I have to count the costs a little more carefully. In my early 20's, I was all over the place hanging out, partying, getting 2-3 hours of sleep, and keeping it moving. Now that's not the story! LOL...Just as a vehicle has certain gears for certain situations so to should we have a healthy pace for whatever stage of life we're in at the moment.

Questions To Consider After Reading This:

  1. Am I moving at a healthy or unhealthy pace?

  2. Is my pace comparable to my current stage?

  3. Am I moving at my pace or someone else's pace?

  4. Do I need to slow down?

  5. Do I need to speed up?

What say you?

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