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Let Em Shine!

Sitting here at the Honda dealership in Waldorf getting some MAJOR service done on my whip so not only am I spending MAJOR money, but I'm also spending MAJOR time as well. Quick Tangent: Why is it whenever you go to get service done on your vehicle, mechanics ALWAYS come back with the "bad news"? In other words, what you wanted to get done; it's going to be that and MORE=MUCH MORE MONEY!

Anyway, there's a father and a son sitting in the waiting room. The father is reading the paper and the kid is playing a game on his father's iPhone. The kid has to be about 6 and he notices something happen on the game out of the ordinary. He gets his father's attention and starts explaining to him what happen. I notice in the kid's speech, he uses the word "appeared". "Dad, I was blah, blah, blah and this just appeared!" Forgive me if the word appear isn't found on your list of S.A.T. words or doesn't show up as your Daily Word of the Day with your app, but this 6 year old just used so fluently with the correct tone and everything.

I'm a huge advocate for training children to think at high levels, be problem solvers, and function at a level higher than just operating the latest form of technology while staying up to date on the current fads in music, athletics, social media, slang, and fashion. This is intentionally created by the parent(s) or lack thereof. One of my sisters posted this on FB the other day; "How do children know how to operate an iPad, but have no CLUE what Juneteenth is?" A blundering attack on the parenting culture today where we're surrounded by instant gratification and technology built to advance us, but in turn enabling and handicapping us.

I was in the house on a Saturday morning and decided to watch the documentary, "Waiting For Superman". This film unveils the hard truths about children and the educational hoops they jump just to get PUBLIC education. I was greatly taken aback by the content of this film, but was inspired by John Legend's song "Shine". The song is also featured on his album entitled "Wake Up". His message is to provide children with upbringing and support enough for them to grow up and be intellectual change agents. They have so much potential, but just need the support and guidance to steer it in the right direction.

What are you doing TODAY to help the youth "SHINE"?

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