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I Get To Choose Who I Use.

I'm sitting in the movie theatre getting ready to watch 12 Years a Slave and a preview comes up for the movie Noah. I think to myself, "Oh, this movie is going to be sick! I can't wait!" Fast forward a few months later...An article is released which headlines "Atheist 'Noah' director brags film is least biblical Bible movie ever". I truley wasn't ready for that one and was really taken aback when that was released.


"If you're a Christian; don't go see that movie."

"Watch at your own risk."

These are just a few quotables I heard from believers in response to the movie. Veronica and I went to see the film and we went in understanding it wasn't written with the intent to portray what was told in Genesis 6. However, we are movie heads and we enjoy watching them. We also understand this movie was not made to tell accurately what happened from the biblical account.

What's interesting to me is the results that came about from this movie. Youversion, the online interative bible, released an interesting statistic that opened up some eyes in reaction to what people had to say about the movie.

The opening weekend (alone) of Noah, people opening the story of Noah in Genesis 6 increased 300% in the US and 245% globally. Let that marinate for a moment.

Now, this percentage is just the percentage tracked during the opening of the movie. This isn't the percentage tracked after its opening. In addition to that, this is only tracked via youversion. This does not account for how many of those cracked open their personal bibles, purchased bibles then read the passage, or used any other internet source to read the Noah story. What's my point?


O christian, have you tracked how many people you have driven to read the bible? How many people have you influenced to dig into God's word? If what you've done can hold a candle to what this movie, who was produced and directed by an atheist, has been used to accomplish; I'll be quiet. *waits* Since that can't happen, I'll continue.

I love what 1st Corinthians 1:27-29 says. "Instead, God has chosen what is foolish in the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen what is weak in the world to shame the strong. God has chosen what is insignificant and despised in the world- what is viewed as nothing- to bring to nothing what is viewed as something, so that no one can boast in His presence."

God uses some of thee most imperfect things to accomplish His perfect will. He used Paul (persecutor of early christians), Raheb (the prostitute), a donkey, (...a donkey), and then you and I. Although, this movie was produced and directed by an atheist; it still drove people to God's word! A win! As believers, we should take time out to praise God there was such an influx in readers of the word.

Till next time, take care.

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