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If it works...USE IT! Church Leadership vs Marketplace Leadership

?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?Three married men actively involved in ministry sitting around shooting a breeze when one goes... "Joel Osteen's church brought in Disney for their youth ministry." Now, I've always felt some type of way when it comes to the way churches are organized. I've heard many of things like, "This is the church. We can't operate the way the world does!" This statement grinds my gears. I believe this is absolutely preposterous because principle is principle. If marketplaces use certain organizational principles effectively; so too can the church because it, as well, is an organization. Yes, I understand the spiritual value behind many of the things churches are structured and operated; however...A BIG HOWEVER, I also know the value of effectiveness and principle.

I absolutely LOVE how the church reached out to someone in the marketplace and pretty much said, "we see value in what you're doing. We also see that not only kids, but parents see the value in what you do." In youth ministry, it's great to have buy-in from the kids, but it's even GREATER to have buy-in from the parents! Once parents have bought in, they also will respect as well as trust the organization. They may even begin to volunteer and invest into the ministry.

I believe many churches miss out on just how effective they can be because of only looking for other churches to model what it is they're looking for particularly when organizations outside of churches are modeling those same desirable principles.

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