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My 31st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! This cake LOOKS and TASTES amazing! Thank you Barbara Powell. As I begin my birthday day off ritual (I never work on my birthday), I decided this year to begin with some reflection. My mentor, Cedric Brown, has gotten me into the habit of reflecting; just taking timeout to stop and process thoughts, events, decisions, etc. So today, I reflect on my last few years leading up to this point.

Leading up to year 29 was a rough year. There were so many obstacles, I didn't know if I was going to make it. V and I began our househunt and in the process, we lived with at least two different households. I was in school finishing up my Master's program taking 3 classes a semester. Add in a few family issues and other stressors, this would begin to take a toll on our marriage, therefore, we'd spent a few evenings in couseling working through some issues. Tough year right?

Leading up to year 30 was amaze-balls! This was a year of celebration. First, V and I found our house. I graduated with my master's degree. I turned 30. Our daughter Riley was born in December. We did so much celebrating that year.

Leading up to year 31 was a year of shifting and discovery. V and I shifted into the season of parenthood, which also included a shift in our marriage and our respective roles as husband and wife. That's for another post entirely. I shifted from my normal position as a facilitator at my job into more coporate training responsibilities. I launched I also launched , my Fashion Consultant/Stylist business. The biggest shift of them all was joining a new church. This was the hardest shift of them all yet the most rewarding, which will probably be another post sometime down the line. Pastor James White said at Impact 2003, "You never know who you truly are until you run in adverse conditions." This was certainly a year of adverse conditions and I love what God revealed to me about my character. I never knew I had it in me to be a writer and an entrepreneaur. I never knew what it would be like to lead through some pretty difficult times, but I was able to. Leading up to this year showed me I could.

I'm grateful for how the year 30 turned out and I'm extremely excited about what 31 will bring. There are somethings I'm looking forward to that I'll keep you all abreast on soon enough. Pray for me and stay tuned!


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