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Marriage Chronicles Part VII: Year 5

What's up everyone? This feels extremely different typing this. For the last month and some change, my posts have come via video from the ReFresh Series. Don't worry. I haven't stopped the series. I'm currently reviewing some data and trends from doing the weekly series in January. Look for them to pick back up in March 2015.

Ok. Now onto the actual purpose of this post. This coming Saturday February 21st 2015; Veronica and I will celebrate our 5th year of marriage. This is truly unbelievable for me. This is the 2nd major milestone (year wise) we've reached and it's an incredible feeling. My mentor, Cedric Brown, has taught me the art of reflection. This has created space for me to make some of the most important decisions as a man, husband, and for the last year of my a father. With that being said, I've actually been reflecting on approaching the 5th year of my marriage for about the last 6 months or so. This has been incredibly healthy because, as I look back, I see God's thumbprint all over this union and my family. I could go on and on about how He's brought Veronica and I through super tough times, blessed us, elevated us, healed us, and more. I talk about a great deal of this testimony in this talk here. Reflecting on the years have been quite sobering. I've laughed, cried, and sat awe struck at the reality of me having been married for 5 years.

I told one of my pastors we would be celebrating this weekend and I asked him if he had any marital nuggets to drop on me. Here's what he said that blew my mind and I know it'll bless you as well.

"Whew...marriage isn't fair; it's choosing to lay down your rights even when you've done no wrong. Love covers flaws by owning your wife's weaknesses and dressing her with your strength. You know you've done your job {as a husband} when you have no strength except that which Christ alone has provided. Simple answer: a) Date her. b) Serve her. c) Listen to her."

In these 5 years, I have given my best to do this. Some days are better than others. Some days, I'm spot on...and others I can't hit the side of a barn standing in the cornfield. My deepest desire is to be the follower, husband, and father that Christ has called me to be. I've been following Christ for 12 years (this March), married for 5, and a father for 1. He's doing a work in me while still working on me. I'm grateful.

Thanks for reading!

Take care.

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