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Fine Sounds of Life

On Tuesday May 4, 2010 (which is also my Grandfather's Birthday who's 71 years young) I had the priviledge of attending my sister's Senior Recital at Suitland High School. Prior to the students beginning their selection, they usually tune their instrument. Well I noticed one girl who didn't. Needless to say her instrument was off pitch, key, tune, or what have you.

While walking with Christ, we must walk according to His tune. There are so many things that can distract us and keep us from walking to His tune; Pride, Lust, Work, or Life in general. If we are walking to His tune, it's the most HARMONIOUS SOUND. However, if we are not, the sound can be DISASTEROUS and we'll be off key.

Depending on the season God has us in, we have to fine tune ourselves so that we are in HARMONY with Him. Oh how sweet the sound!

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