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I know you're looking at this title like, "that doesn't make sense." You're absolutely right. It doesn't make sense...AT ALL. Many people will tell you they have the steps to success. I've seen a statement floating around the interwebs lately saying, "I never lose. Either I learn or I win." LOVE THAT! Here are some facts/stats of some of the great sport figures:

  • Brett Favre-336 interceptions; Most in NFL history

  • Reggie Jackson-2597 strikeouts; Most in MLB history

  • Martin Brodeur-2764 allowed goals; Most in NHL history

What I love the most is the fact that people won't even spit these facts when these names are brought up in your local barber shop talk. These gentlemen earned the best of the worst stats in their profession! How does THAT happen, yet you are still considered an elite? What you might hear is how Brett Favre threw for 508 touchdowns in his career or how he's the only quarterback to have thrown for over 70,000 yards and over 6,000 completions. For Reggie "Mr. October" Jackson, you may hear people talk about him as a Hall of Famer who hit 563 homeruns in his career. How about Martin Brodeur? Famous NHL player who has won 2 Olympic Gold Medals and set an all time regular season win record of 691 wins.


This picture above will forever be my favorite of MJ. Here, he counts the times he has failed, missed the mark, and lost. LOST! He embraced it. He didn't get comfortable in those moments. He merely embraced the fact this (failure) was apart of the process. Although this is a short post; I don't want you to miss the impact of it. Embrace the one-liner above Michael Jordan's picture. 'Struggle breeds greatness.' Think about all the dynamic things that are birthed from moments of difficulty and struggle; childbirth, glass sculptures, pearls, and many more. Embrace the process and remember things are not ALWAYS going to be peachy. What is progression without setbacks or failure?

Now, go and be great!

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