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The Power of Embarrassment

Roughly 3 months ago, I married the Rocking, Awesome Veronica D. McGee. We were so excited leading up to the actual ceremony. We did all the things engaged couples do prior to getting married; such as choosing the menu, the order of the ceremony, creating the registry, and choosing the tuxs and gowns for the party. I think the most fun part for me was creating the registry! I GET TO MAKE UP A LIST OF PRICEY THINGS TO RECEIVE FOR MY WEDDING AS GIFTS! WOOT WOOT! We registered ourselves at Macy's, Bed/Bath & Beyond, and Target. I also had fun zapping all the items I wanted with that little scan gun. But, come to find out, after it was all said and done; we probably received MAYBE..3 items off our registry! I was a little disturbed because that mess took time to zap all those items.

The gifts we mainly received were cash/check/gift card