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Let me ask you a question. If 86,400 was deposited into your account everyday, what would you do with it? I'll give you sometime to think about it before you respond...

What'd you come up with? Did you say you'd go back to school? Did you say you'd pay off all your debt or school loans? Did you say you'd start some type of savings account? Did you say you'd buy a new house, car, some land, buy your parents a house? Did you say you'd open your own business? Well, if you said anything close to that; you're wrong. Yes, YOU ARE WRONG! LOL, The reason why you're wrong is because who said anything about money????? Yea, go ahead and look back up at the top of this blog entry and re-read the question. It's okay. Go ahead.... It definitely doesn't say anything about money. What I'm talking about is TIME. The 86, 400 represents how many seconds we all have in one day. A deposit of 86, 400 seconds is deposited into your time bank/account E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. We all get the same amount too. What are you doing with it?

This was a suggested topic proposed by a good friend of mine. The question was "How are we spending our LIFE MINUTES? Are we wasting them, treasuring them, or using them wisely? I love the way concept of time is replaced with the term "Life Minutes". I always joke around whenever I may feel like I've wasted my time; I'll say, "That's (insert amount of time wasted) of my life I cannot get back!" There is some validity to my statement though.

What are you doing with your life minutes?

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