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Drawing With Payton

Today, I was able to spend the afternoon with my goddaughter Payton. She's my mentor's youngest daughter. I was humbled when he asked me because nobody has ever asked me to be a godfather before. I love this little girl to pieces! She tries to break me down with her big ol sweet eyes but I'm getting stronger (signs of how I'll be when I become a dad...especially if it's a girl).

Anyway, we got the opportunity to draw together on a dry erase board with washable markers. I grabbed a dry paper towel and another one that was damp; one to wipe and the other to dry. Well, Payton would mark up the board with one color, pick another color, mark the board up, and over and over and over for at least 45 minutes. I was trying to keep up and ever so often give her a clean board to draw on. I did that by using the damp cloth to erase the color and the dry one to wipe up the water.

Besides the fact that she was calling out the colors; BURPLE, LELLOW, BOWN! (so cute!) I was being ministered to! The whole pattern of her scribbling on the board, me erasing and then drying it to make it clean reminded me of how Christ cleanses us! We're the dry erase board, the colors represent sin, and the cloths represent God's LOVE, GRACE, CLEANSING, AND FORGIVENESS!

Whenever she put the color (SIN) on the dry erase board (US), I used the cloth (GOD) to cleanse the board and it was white again (FORGIVENESS and CLEANSING). No matter how much color and how many times she scribbled on the board; it was able to come clean with a swipe!

This is for the reader who is struggling with God forgiving them for WHATEVER they've done or are doing! His love for us is IMMEASURABLE AND EVERLASTING!

~1 year old Art Lesson

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