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How many people feel how this guy looks? As a matter of fact, how many people can say, "This guy looks just like me!" Well, if you can pretty much agree to those statements, you'll love this post. I'm talking about Burdens here. There are a couple of definitions according to for the word Burden. One is, "that which is borne with difficulty; obligation." Another reads "onus" while another says "something that's carried."

What are your burdens today? In other words... WHAT IS THAT DIFFICULT OBLIGATION YOU CARRY AND HAVE TAKEN ONUS OF? My second question is; How are you carrying it?

I've called alot of things burdens. Having to give someone a ride when I didn't want to: Burden. Somebody asking for money and I really don't want to give it to them: Burden. Having to hang out with someone I really don't want to: Burden. Pretty much doing anything I didn't want to do at the time because it inconvenienced me was a BURDEN!

Well, after sometime, I've gotten the message that IT'S NOT ABOUT ME. So, the way I look at Burdens now is completely different.

Complaining about having to buy gas to give that person a ride?

Response: Thank You Lord for the "burdens" of having a car to put gas in!

Complaining about always having to clean up around your house?

Response: Thank You Lord for the "burden" of having a house to clean up!

Complaining about a wife staying at home w/o a job while you go to work everyday?

Response: Thank You Lord for the "burden" of having to go TO A JOB (while many don't have one) in order to support the wife and children You've given me!

I think you get the point by now. The main takeaway is this; there are some Burdens you should welcome! Instead of complaining about some Burdens, God is working on me to EMBRACE them and ask Him, "How do You want me to RESPOND?" The GREAT thing about the Lord is; if our Burdens are to big for us, well... check out these verses.

PSALM 55:22 - THROW YOUR BURDEN upon the Lord and He will sustain you. He will NEVER allow the godly to be upended.

MATTHEW 11:30 - For My yoke is EASY and My BURDEN is light.

Thank God for Burdens!

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