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I was asked to write a blog on Patience a couple weeks ago, but I had so many other topics on my brain at the time. I had to put it off for a second. Well, wait no longer... here it is!

Has someone ever had you on hold for a long time? Have you ever visited a doctor's office and you weren't seen right away? Do you have children (nuff said)? Are you a teacher of some sort?

In all of these instances, patience must be exercised. My wife and I often have our god daughters over our house. Not only do we have to exercise patience with them because we don't have kids of our own, but we work together to instill the value of patience in them. All of them are toddlers so when they don't get something they want, when they want it; they begin to whimper, pant, and/or cry even. And what do we do? We let them cry. This teaches them that you cannot have what you want, when and how you want it. Everybody can't drop what they're doing to be at your every beck and call.

Question: How many of us (adults) whimper, pant, and/or cry even when we don't get our way when we want it, the way we want it, and who we want it from?

I absolutely the picture above of the mouse pad that says, "Lord, give me patience...AND GIVE IT TO ME NOW." What an oxymoron?! LOL, but we'll pray that very same prayer VERBATIM.

Farmers give you a great example of patience. They plant SEASONS in advance and have to wait for the harvest. Can you imagine cooking your food, but having to wait to eat it the following season?

What areas do you struggle with being patient?

Patience is simply holding off on rushing a second longer.

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