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My Mans and 'Em

Remember DMX? He coined the phrase, "THAT'S MY MANS AND EM!" Along with the bark and his random prayers on his albums, this was something pretty popular my friends and I used to say quite often. You generally said that about people you were cool with. Back then, if someone wanted a hook up, that would be the reason why you hooked them up...because "That's My Mans And Em!"

Well, I'd like to shout out MY MANS AND EM. MY MANS AND EM are the guys who are in my corner, no matter what. MY MANS AND EM are there when I need them; be it to vent, get advice, to bounce an idea off of, or even to be corrected. They're there.

MY MANS AND EM hold me accountable to a high standard.

MY MANS AND EM correct me when I'm wrong and praise me for a good job.

MY MANS AND EM are honest with me at all times.

MY MANS AND EM challenge me to become a better man daily.

MY MANS AND EM always expect more from me so they never let me settle.

MY MANS AND EM make sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing as a husband.

MY MANS AND EM ask me tough questions regarding my purity.

MY MANS AND EM support me.

I recently had a conversation with my sisters about how many males feel as though they need to "fall back" when their boy gets married. I told her that's the BIGGEST UNTRUTH EVER! Yes, it is expected for male bonding time to be adjusted because it is my God given responsibility to take care of home first. However, if I needed your support before the marriage; I'm going to need it during! I'm not going to say I'll need it after because DIVORCE IS NOT AN OPTION! Not only will I need it, but I want it! Too many folks use being married as an excuse not to "bother" (call, come visit, hangout, etc) you. FOOLISHNESS! LOL

Within the last two days, I've had the most inspiring, uplifting, and just plain fun times with two of MY MANS AND EM!


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