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Your Joy (Inspired By Chrisette Michele)

My greatest ideas come either in the shower or while driving. They just do! I don’t know why, but I find myself often coming up with or processing things at those times. For the last month or so, I’ve been DREAMING hard lately. V and I sat down, not too long ago, and just talked about where we we’d like to be (spiritually, financially, living arrangements, family, educationally, etc.). It was fun! Ever since then, that conversation continued to float around in my mind every other day or so.

I then decided to take what we talked about and put it on paper. So, for the past couple days or so, I’ve been writing/tweeking “The McGee Move”. These are just our plans on paper that we 1) ARE IN AGREEMENT WITH/ ON ONE ACCORD and 2) HAVE ASKED GOD TO HONOR THEM. Asking God to honor our vision is perfectly fine. The tricky part comes in if things don’t pan out as we’d like them to. Then, what is our response to God? The trick to this is, We have to be okay with whatever He sees fit to happen, even if things are completely opposite of what we put on paper. That’s another blogpost.

After doing the writing, I found myself staring at the document and just DREAMING about those days coming to pass when the things on here would be accomplished. On “The McGee Move”; children were in the picture. As I got down to the children part, I dreamt for quite a bit. But on Tuesday during my commute to work, my iPod began to play Chrisette Michelle’s Your Joy. For those who do not listen to her; she is an excellent artist. Her track, Your Joy, is about the relationship between a daughter and her Father. She melodically expresses her love for her Father in the most simplistic joys like taking walks with him, lying on his chest while trying to match her heart beat with his, and so on. I began to DREAM about the day V and I have a little girl. I began to DREAM about taking walks with her, taking her on Daddy-Daughter dates, courting her so she know what it's supposed to be like when that time really comes.

Lord knows I want a boy so bad! However, I would be just as excited if He gave V and I a girl. I know how I am with my 3 goddaughters so I can only imagine how I'll be with my own! So, a special shout out to my Fathers who have daughters. A Father-Daughter's love is very special. Make sure you set the example of what a man should be.

Your Joy

Walked down the sidewalk

Staring at your feet

Wishing my steps were longer

So by your sides I could keep

Hold your hand much bigger

Never wanted mine to grow