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Concert or Worship

The picture captures one of two moments; 1-The crowd is waiting for the band to come out and begin playing or 2-The band has left and the crowd awaits an encore.

Last week, my boy Aaron and I were at work chatting. I don't even know how we got on the subject, but we started talking about worship. We met at this conclusion. Many Christians get worship and concert confused. A CONCERT makes you feel good IN THE MOMENT whereas WORSHIP LASTS AFTER THE MUSIC STOPS, WHEN THE BAND HAS LEFT THE STAGE, and WHEN THERE ARE NO MORE INSTRUMENTS ON STAGE.

Worship is a LIFESTYLE more than it is chords, melody, and musical arrangements. Don't get me wrong; these things play a big part in worship. However, if we place too much emphasis on those things, we lose sight of what worship is all about and who we're worshipping.

I was watching the Celebration of Gospel on B.E.T. a couple weeks ago and I couldn't help but to tweet something. It said, "Dear gospel artists, make sure your music points everyone NOT to you. But to Me and The Cross. ~Love God" We can focus so much on runs, riffs, how well they play the keys or the base, or how he/she directs the choir that we lose sight of the PURPOSE of gospel music.

My buddy Aaron reminded me of the Gospel Artist, Matt Redman, making a song speaking directly to this issue. It's called The Heart of Worship. The chorus says "I'm coming back to the heart of worship. It's all about You. It's all about You Jesus. I'm sorry Lord for the thing I've made it. It's all about You. It's all about You Jesus." This is a song of repentance for making worship smaller than what it should be and making it about someone of other than God.

The sad part is; in many churches after service, if the doors didn't have to close... people would still be sitting in the pews waiting to be led into worship or should I say; the concert to continue.

Worship or Concert?

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