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Marriage Chronicles IV: 4 Nuggets From Year 1

The Importance of Leave and Cleave

When a man and a woman marry one another, the directive, in so many words, from the Bible is to “Leave and Cleave” to one another. I love this directive because it sets a foundation that is INVALUABLE as it pertains to the health of a marriage. This directive is spoken exclusively to the two leaving their parents and cleaving to one another. In the exchanging of vows, the only two people up on the pulpit, front of the church, or wherever you and your spouse were. Her mom and dad weren’t up there. Your homeboy from college wasn’t up there either. It kills me when married couples bring ANY and EVERYBODY into their marriage. Find an accountability couple(s)/ a mentor couple(s) whom you can bounce things off of when you just don’t know. 2 important things to remember though. 1) They couple must be AGREED upon and 2) The