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What Big Cat Diary Can Teach You About Satan

As the NBA season is coming to a close and the NFL season isn't looking to promising; SportsCenter is filled with the latest scandals regarding NCAA Ball Clubs (S/O TO Ohio State and USC Football...SMH) Tiger Woods taking time away to have surgery, and LOTS and LOTS OF BASEBALL! Needless to say, I've had to find something else to watch in the mornings while getting ready for work.

While perusing the channels one morning, I stumbled across the show Big Cat Diary. Now, the funny thing is, I LOATHE CATS! CAN'T STAND THEM! However, the wild cats i find to be most intriguing.

In this particular episode, a lioness named Tamu is placed in a threatening position as she has to protect her cubs from an adult male lion who is TWICE her size! The adult male lion was preying on Tamu's cubs and as he attempted to go in for the kill, Tamu strikes out of nowhere chasing off the adult male lion.

This situation lasted all of a minute and a half yet has 2 HUGIANT (Huge and Giant) Nuggets to offer regarding satan and the family.

  1. The Absentee Father/Husband Lion- Nowhere in this segment did they talk about Tamu's HEADSHIP, her COUNTERPART, her LEADER, her SHEPHERD, her HUSBAND. Husbands, let this resonate with you as the possibility of what could very well happen if you were to walk out or not be present in your home. One of the worst things us husbands can do is REMOVE THE COVERING FROM OVER OUR FAMILY; OUR WIFE AND CHILDREN. When/If that does happen, we open up the door for satan; inviting him into territory he DOES NOT belong. Thankfully Tamu stepped up and protected the cubs, however, God didn't call the wife to that responsibility. That's for the husband.

  2. 1st Peter 5:8 "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." What greater illustration must you need to support this scripture?! The adult male lion was most certainly seeking out who he wanted to devour; which is exactly what would've happened had he got a hold of those innocent cubs. the other significance of the illustration regarding this scripture is WHO the adult male sought out to devour; THE CUBS! Satan is after families and if he can't get the parents; he's going after the children. This should cause husbands and wives to be SOBER and VIGILANT by providing the covering necessary and constantly pouring the TRUTH into their children as society inundates them with LIES via television, music, Internet, etc.

One of my bros and I will often see or hear something and respond, "OH THAT CAN PREACH REAL GOOD!" This truly shows how God has renewed my mind (Romans 12:2) in that the smallest things can minister a message so powerful.

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