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I Nurture My Marriage

How do you nurture your marriage? I've found myself in a very peculiar place within the last 5-7 months particularly in my marriage. Let me assure you, it's a good place. It's nothing bad.

Ever so often, I'm reminded of how I SO don't deserve to lead my wife and often times; it even brings me to tears. Positionally, I'm placed out front for a number of reasons.

1) Protection

2) Sight/Vision


Well, rewind about a couple months back; Veronica and I had a "check in" conversation. I brought to her attention somethings I foresaw headed in our direction, which would challenge our faith, diligence, character, and our marriage. We were forced to take our faith level up to another level. My pastor said about a month ago at bible study, "A faith untested is a faith unproven." These were a number of areas we really needed to trust God with in our lives and if we didn't, I can only imagine how we would've been impacted.

Now fast forward to now, we've made it through! Now here's how I nurture my marriage. Sure there are many ways, however, I want to focus on one specific way regarding this situation and how beneficial it is to your marriage. Sharing my vision with my wife prepared her mentally for what was about to take place so it didn't catch her off guard. I also told her what I needed from her and how much I needed her during this time as well I how pivotal she'd be in us making it through. Now here's how I nurtured my marriage. After it was all said and done, the storm was over, we made it out the tunnel and....

we celebrated.

"That's it Drae?", you're probably saying. And my response is, "Yes." We celebrated. I made plans for us to go out to dinner to a place we've never been before for such the auspicious occasion. Here's how celebrating nurtures my marriage:

1)It gives my wife and I an idea of what a "win" looks like to us. This is also a momentum booster, which leads to a healthy and comfortable climate in the home.

2)I Big-Up my wife! I really emphasize how well of a job she did throughout the process. It shows her SHE MATTERS.

3)It builds our character and faith. At times, all you need to get through something new is reflecting on how you got through something of old.

What ways do you nurture your marriage?

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