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I didn't have a "figure" to look at pertaining to what the head of a household, a father, a provider, protector, nourisher, Pastor, a shepherd looked like. To be quite frank, I never entertained the thought of becoming any of the aforementioned people. Now, I pride myself on wearing the following hats. Truth be told though; I suck at it.

"That's pretty extreme Drae. You're a great {insert title}. You're going to make an even better {insert different title}. Keep on doing what you're doing."

It may be a bit extreme, but I'd rather see things this way and PUSH to get better as opposed to think I've arrived and fall from the extreme height of arrogance. " Where'd this come from? In a prior post, you were just talking about what you did to nurture your marriage." Very true. Here's the answer to your question.

One of my favorite pastors is Tony Evans. Earlier this month, he conducted a series for husbands; "Becoming Your Wife's Savior, Sanctifier, and Satisfier." In a total of 6 messages (2 parts each "S"), Evans unravels scripturally how we {husbands} should respond in order to become our wives as Savior, Sanctifier, and Satisfier. It's WAY too much to put here in the post. I'd do the series NO JUSTICE attempting to. I urge you to take a listen to all the parts and take a look introspectively at how you can get better.

Through this series, I was able to look at how I respond to my wife differently. Instead of what she may not be doing, (asking the question) "have I done what I was supposed to?" A great point Evans pontificates is, "We {husbands} want to sanctify our wives, but haven't, and sometimes refuse to, become her savior first...because only a savior can sanctify." In other words, have we died to ourselves? What sacrifices have I made to meet her needs? Do I serve her? These are just a few things the Savior did for us.

I heard once before, "{Coming from a single man} Being married is easy. You only have one woman to please. (versus a single man having it harder because he has a multiple of women to please)." I beg to differ. Anyone can be pleased, but how many people can stick with someone day in and day out when the days are bright and others are grim? Sure you can find the perfect date, but what a blessing it is to be with someone who has been CHOSEN;HANDPICKED to perfect you.

I'm done. Got work to do.

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