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A McGee Christmas

Merry Christmas people! As always, I appreciate you coming through to support "A Closer Look". The last post I wrote was late November. I've been pretty busy with work and wrapping up my 1st semester of graduate school. This post is just one to get back in the flow since I took a semi-sabbatical for educational reasons. Without further delay, here we go!

In this blog, I just want to simply express how much fun we (Veronica and I) have during Christmas. With us coming upon our 3rd year of marriage, one of our goals were to begin traditions of our own particularly around the holidays.

The 1st tradition we've started is putting up the tree. This isn't just simply putting up the tree, but it involves Christmas Songs (Charlie Brown Christmas Album, Boyz II Men, just to name a few), baking cookies with either Hot chocolate or milk to go with our cookies. We have a blast while doing it too!

The 2nd tradition is putting up our stockings. We both have stockings and the week before/the week of Christmas, we sneak little gifts into each other's stockings. It's hilarious and very fun!

The 3rd tradition is watching Charlie Brown Christmas and A Christmas Story (one of the funniest movies ever).

The 4th tradition we have for Christmas is a HU-GIANT breakfast Christmas morning. Last year, the menu consisted of banana walnut pancakes, omelets, fried potatoes, eggs, turkey bacon, sausage, crescent rolls, grits, and plenty more.

It is truly a Christmas Spirit Filled house with the McGees. An additional tradition we're adopting is service. Of course we try to serve in whatever capacity necessary all year around, however, we emphasize serving around this type of year because our hearts are really big for helping others plus we want to try to be a blessing to others however we can. We also attend Christmas service at our church. My pastor has been saying, "A lot of people love Christmas, but not everyone loves Christ." It'll be very indicative of who loves Christ by how many people will be in the house of the Lord Christmas morning.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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