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Some People Won't Be Great...UNTIL THEY LEAVE!

Happy New Year! This is my 1st post of 2012. I'm actually excited about this post because it's a concept a lot of people tend to look down upon. First, let me describe how this came about. I was tweeting with my big brother J. Franklyn about the Wizards. We are Wizards fans who are very disappointed with the seasons they've been having in the last, mmmmm lets see...5-7 years or so! Ever since "Agent Zero" went haywire, things just went downhill from there. Through our tweets, we reminisced about the days of old where the Wiz were getting into the playoffs year after year. They did it at least 2-3 years in a row.

Anyway, I tweeted, "Somebody in the Wizards camp will be receiving a pink slip pretty soon." I truly believe they will end up firing Flip Saunders. Not because he's a bad coach, but because he's not having the greatest turnout with the Wiz Kids. He responded, "Rightfully so. The Wiz are like the blackhole of professional basketball. Wall won't be great until he leaves."

My focus of this post is coming from the last sentence in that tweet saying, "Wall won't be great until he leaves." We have seen this scenario play out time after time; mainly in the world of professional sports. An athlete who has GREAT potential, but due to the people around them or coaching, they'll never truly reach their potential if they stay where they are. "I'll be taking my talents to South Beach." Need I say more? This was the biggest and most recent scenario we all seen play out. Can you honestly say you believe LeBron James would've had the same results last season had he stayed with the Cavaliers? If you do, I'm not drinking from that cup of stupid juice! Come on now!

Switching gears for a moment. Relate this concept to your world. What organization, job, position, club, team, relationship, or mindset even are you staying that could potentially keep you from being great? The reason why this is so controversial is because the moment you remove yourself from the environment; chances are great that you'd be labeled a "quitter", "sellout", or "the guy/girl who threw in the towel". I love looking at things from a different perspective.

Sometime ago I read about a concept called "Riding The Wave". This concept pretty much says people don't understand waves. Waves have apexes and waves die. Some waves last longer than others. Some waves are higher than others and different waves come in different seasons. Many people attempt to ride a wave that has already died; as opposed to enjoying it for what it was, how long it lasted, and taking key nuggets from it. I believe its wise to know when to throw in the towel, stop beating a dead horse, or know that it's no longer your season.

Have you outgrown that position you're in? Are you the smartest at the table and need to surround yourself with smarter individuals who think completely different from you? What is that "Thing" keeping you in a position to NOT transition from where you are currently to GREAT?

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