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Had You Asked Me 15 Years Ago...

Wednesday January 25, 2012 began the Spring Semester of my 1st year of graduate studies. Last semester, I am PROUD to say, I completed my 9 credit course load with a 4.0 gpa! PRAISE THE LORD! I'm taking another 9 credits this semester as well because last semester wasn't that bad once I found my rhythm. I also have to give a HUGE SHOUT to my SMOKINGLY AWESOME WIFE VERONICA for giving me the support, picking up the slack around the house, and the margin to complete my assignments and study.

This semester, my course lineup is Leadership and Change Communication, Mediation Conflict, and Corporate Advertising. I am extremely stoked about my classes this semester because these are the topics that I am passionate about.

I had two classes the other night; Leadership and Change Communication along with Mediation Conflict. It was the first night of class so we didn't get into anything heavy really. We got acquainted with one another because it's a relatively intimate class of 9 students. We pretty much "interviewed" one another and got to learn a bit about everyone's background, goals, hobbies, and aspirations.

A really penetrating question my professor asked was, "What in your life led you to this point of being a leader?" That was penetrating to me because I literally was stuck when it came to answering that question. It's like everything just paused and got really quiet. I tried to think back at times in my life that led me to this point and I couldn't.

The scripture that is tugging away at me is Ephesians 2:10, which says; "For we are his workmanship, having been created in Christ Jesus for good works that God PREPARED BEFOREHAND so we may do them."

So, had you asked me 15 years ago; "Do you know 15 years from now you'd be married and leading a family? Leading ministries and small groups? Leading at your job?" I would've looked at you like you had two heads on your shoulders. I didn't know...BUT GOD DID! He knew exactly where I would be right now before I even could envision it. Before I even had the desire to be what I am; HE KNEW!

So what's the significance of the pic at the top? Well, it pretty much represents myself at a fork(s) in a road during my life that have led me to where I am today. Because I have not arrived and never will, I know for sure I will find myself at more forks in the road throughout the rest of my life. I'm perfectly fine with that because I know who is charting my course.

Although I may not have know where which road might end up; He knows EXACTLY which road I'm going to take and where it was going to end up particularly since "...having been created in Christ Jesus for good works that God prepared beforehand so we may do them."

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