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My Sauna Like Experience With God

February 21, Veronica and I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. We actually celebrated it Sunday and Monday with a Bed & Breakfast spot in Fairfax, Virginia. We wanted to keep it simple this year in lieu of me starting a new job on the 22nd.

The spot we stayed was quite enjoyable. It was very tranquil and cozy. There was a jacuzzi, sauna, fireplace, king size bed, and they served us a delectable breakfast the next morning. It was GREAT!

I purposely got up earlier than normal; 1) they were going to serve us breakfast at 9am and 2) checkout was at 11am and I wanted to enjoy the amenities to the fullest extent. I was able to creep out of bed without V knowing around 7a.m. and got into the sauna. For the record, I LOVE SAUNAS! They are so relaxing. If I had one in my house, I'd probably make it apart of my morning routine to get into it before getting my day started.

Actually, my focus for this particular post is going to be on the rocks and bucket of water you find in the sauna. A sauna should operate anywhere between 180-200 degrees fahrenheit. Of course, those temperatures are uncomfortable, which is where the bucket of water, enlarged spoon, and rocks come into play. These are used to provide humidity.

What I noticed was as soon as I poured the water over the rocks; the water responded a certain way. As I poured the water on the rocks, the water dried up extremely quick and within seconds the rock was dry again. No matter how much water I poured on the rocks, it dried up quickly...almost instantly.

But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.

-1st John 1:9

This scripture literally leapt off the pages when thinking about this experience! How often do we NOT go straight to God because we feel like He hates us after we've sinned against Him. Or even when we do go to Him and confess, we still feel like we aren't clean. Well, here's one reason why we shouldn't feel that way; 1st John 1:9. This CLEARLY tells us what happens (action) when we confess our sins to God (reaction). The word tells us He is FAITHFUL and JUST to forgive us our sins. But not just forgive us for them...CLEANSE US AS WELL!

Remember, no matter how much water [sin] I poured on the rock[s] (us), the heat (God's forgiveness) dried (cleansed) it up!

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