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One of the many memorable lines from the hit comedy series; Austin Powers. This particular photo comes from the Austin Powers: Goldmember movie. Fat Bastard, shown above and oh yeah...that's really his name. Fat Bastard. He's called Fat Bastard for obvious reasons. Well, actually I'm not too sure about the bastard part, however, the term Fat is pretty fitting. Well, they could've used another word for fat. I mean, they could've said, know what I mean. WHATEVER! LOL

Sometime ago, I was challenged to become a F.A.T. leader. I had no idea what that actually meant at first, but after it was explained to me, I understood clearly.

F-aithful: As a leader, are you faithful to your following? Do you follow through on your promises? Can your followers trust you? Are you a good steward over the position, power, and possessions you've been entrusted with?

A-vailable: Leaders must be available MUST be AVAILABLE. AVAILABLE to a couple things; a) AVAILABLE to coach their following. b) AVAILABLE to change. They must be flexible. c) AVAILABLE/make time for rest, family, healthy relationships. I emphasize available a lot here because too many leaders reach a certain level where they no longer are accessible to those around them. Trust me. You're not as important as you think you are.

T-eachable: Leaders must stay green in order to grow because if they ripen; they'll die. Whatever area you lead in; find somebody, a book, conferences, and the like so you can be taught. There's ALWAYS somebody who does what you do if not better then differently or maybe more effective.

Are you a F.A.T. Leader?

What Say You?

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