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The Magic of The Kingdom

What's good folks?! This being my first post after the HUGE milestone with the blog was reached last week; I wanted to take the time out one last time to thank you for the support.

I am surrounded by sooooooooooo many talented individuals; authors, pastors, singers, dancers, and other bloggers. To liven up what goes on here at Simply Dondrae, I've invited out some guest bloggers to share some posts over the next couple weeks. Each of them have their individual blogs, which I'll insert the link on here so you can see their personal work.

First up though is a good friend of my wife and I, Tia Simmons. Tia is the Wife of One, Mother of One and Audience of One who seeks to be a Woman after God's own heart. She is also the author of A Common Sense Christianity , which hopes to share the very basics of the Christian walk. In her "spare" time, she enjoys photography and spending time outdoors.

Enjoy her post!

About a month ago, my family and I had a last-minute opportunity to visit Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. Upon hearing the news, I immediately began making preparations, telling everyone where we were going, thinking about what I was going to wear and dreaming of being inside the park and seeing the main host, Mickey Mouse. I even began thinking about my son (at the time two years old) and wondering what he was going to think and do and how he was going to react to being there. I even began making plans of what I would show him and "teach" him about Disneyworld, things I experienced from my trip as a child.

The trip down was a two-day, 13-hour car ride process. At times, the drive was bearable because I had things to occupy my time or I simply rested while my husband drove. Others times it was uncomfortable and long which made me very restless and longing for a stop. Getting to Florida that Thursday was not only a relief but it was like a weight lifted. Even though we were not at the park, we were close and that seemed to have made the drive worth it.

Walking through the gates of the Magic Kingdom that Friday morning was like "heaven." As soon as I saw the castle, I got this wave of euphoria and giddiness about me. I began to hug my son even tighter and point and describe everything he saw. I made sure the first stop after arriving would be a visit to the castle over anything else. As I looked around, I began to notice that I was in Disneyworld with people from all over the world who spoke every different language but the desire was the same ..... "To see the castle."

It made me think: What was so magic about the Magic Kingdom? What draws people from every walk and tongue and what makes them return? Is it the hope of seeing Mickey Mouse? What makes a person spend all they have to seek a visit? What makes parents bring their children as young as toddlers to experience the Magic Kingdom? I was reminded of the verse "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33 NASB) I began to examine my life and take account of the preparations I am making to see the true kingdom, the Kingdom of God. Am I making preparations for my trip to Heaven? Do I tell everyone I know that I'm going? Do I persevere even though the trip sometimes seems long and uncomfortable? Do I dream of seeing Jesus and God, my Father? What do I tell my son about the trip? Or am I so bogged down with everything else in life, that I don't seek the kingdom at all?

I guess the true question is, What kingdom do you seek?

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