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Interview with Terence Lester, Creative Director of Love Beyond Walls

Social media has allowed me to meet some very special people. It's amazing what type of relationships can form through such an avenue. This person in particular I'm going to speak about today is my good man, Terence Lester. Terence is the Creative Director of a movement called Love Beyond Walls (LBW). Terence is a Atlanta, GA native and loves to see the creative side of people become exposed through mission work. I would tell more, but he gives all that information in an interview I did with him. Check it out below!

Terence: Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to do an interview for your site! You’re a good brother, and my wife and I enjoy watching you grow and develop on your journey. Continue to spread God’s message, love your family, and be an example for those your serve.

Dondrae: Thank you so much dude! That means alot and I appreciate the support a great deal. Now, who is Terence Lester?

Terence: If I had to describe myself, I’d say there are only a few things that do so: 1) My heart, 2) My family, and 3) My mission. Without sounding too spiritual or cliché, I’d have to say my heart because it is something that has been transformed by God. In fact, my relationship with God has influenced my life so much that it has forever changed how I see myself, the world, and those around me. God’s love has given me freedom, peace, and hope! My family is a top priority to me. Why? Because they are my heartbeat and my legacy. I love my wife and children and love building with them. Lastly, my mission describes me because it is the purpose that God has given me to accomplish before I leave earth. I know these are basic answers, but they all mean a lot to me.

Dondrae: Awesome man! What exactly is LBW?

Terence: Love Beyond Walls is an organization designed to utilize technology, the power of storytelling to raise awareness about societal needs, and mobilizes people to get involved in those issues and provide solutions. It is an organization that meets people where they are with the love of God. Currently, we have contributed 6 months to serve those that are face with poverty and homelessness. Why? Because people in these circumstances are loved by God just as much as anyone else, and deserve to have their diginity.

Dondrae: I love the fact that you want to include story telling because that's how people connect; through story telling. What is the long term goal for LBW?

Terence: We have several long-term goals for the organization. I won’t share them all here, but I will tell you one it is to create a platform that leverages technology and storytelling to combat a number of social ills on a global level.

Dondrae: Nice man! Global?! Most people have a desire to create change within their community. That's awesome to hear you talking creating change on a global level. If you weren't leading this movement, what do you think you would be doing?

Terence: I’d probably be on staff somewhere doing similar work.

Dondrae: When you're not trying to change the way the world looks at homelessness and poverty; how do you enjoy your time?

Terence: I’d honestly say doing spontaneous things with my wife, watching movies, playing with my children, or hanging out with a few of my friends laughing. These are the things that excite me, and give me life. I also enjoy writing, reading, and having meaningful conversations with senior citizens.

Veronica, Riley and I are huge supporters of Love Beyond Walls because it allows us to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. We're grateful to help spread the word of homeless and poverty while giving to a cause making great strides to end it. Continue to grind hard bro! We look forward to connecting more with you, your wife Cecilia, Zion, and Terence (2).


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