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Social Media Detox

I intend to make this short and sweet. I'm taking a Social Media Detox. I've been participating in the Social Media world since Facebook was available to only colleges and universities and then came Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and all the others.

I've learned two things about Social Media. A) It gives everyone a platform that, if used effectively, can cause change for the good and B) The very opposite of A and Social Media can easily become a mundane ritual that soaks up the 86,400 seconds we're given everyday of our lives. If I'm honest, I find myself toggling back and forth between A and B. Before I get too deep into "B", I unplug. I detox. I check out.

I'm at the point, particularly this time around, where Social Media is too dark. The stories that have taken Social Media by storm are the recent deaths of Eric Garner (New York) and Michael Brown (Missouri) and the cops who killed these unarmed black men along with many others. This detox allows me to solely and thoroughly petition God regarding these men, their families, law enforcement, political leadership, and the black community entirely as well as spend more time with Him. This detox also allows me to spend even more intentional time with Veronica and Riley. In addition to those, it allows me to quiet things down in my world to prepare to preach this coming Thursday (August 21st @ 7pm) at Community Bible Baptist Church in Lanham, Maryland for their Youth Revival.

In conclusion, I'll leave you with two items; a) Take the time to do a Social Media Detox for yourself. Start with maybe a day or two....or maybe three. b) Pray for me as I prepare to minister at Community Bible Baptist Church this week. Bring a student, a neice or nephew, or even yourselves. I'd love to have your support.

Talk to you all in a few weeks or so!

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